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Not all scratch-offs are the same. Join us and learn which games offer the best odds of winning the top prize. 

State lottery websites provide data regarding their scratch-off lottery games. They usually provide how many tickets were issued, how many prizes were issued and how many have yet to be claimed. This can be a very large data set as states often have dozens of games active at any one time. I am sure many of you have accessed this data, which is publicly available. It can be difficult to navigate, and is limited.

At, we analyze this data daily, and make the calculations necessary to create something useful. We can closely estimate the total number of tickets remaining, which allows us to calculate the current odds of winning each game’s top prize.

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We will soon be providing our game sheets for sale where you buy your lottery tickets. As we further develop the business, we will be adding new retailers and hope to be in a store near you soon. For $2, you get a snap shot of the best scratch-off games, for each category ($1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $20 & $30). This game sheet is updated and published monthly. With your purchase, you also get a promo code that allows for free 30 day access to our website, which is updated daily. This gives you the most up to date information you need to increase your odds of winning. While we are ramping up, please enjoy a free trial with this discount code. unlimited